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Brandon + Jennie are married

Jennie and Brandon get two posts in one. A few months ago we got together for some bridal pictures out at a dry lake bed. They were killing me because they asked me not to post any of their photos till after the wedding day. They used the bridal photos for their reception and wanted it to be a surprise. I reluctantly agreed. So now you get to enjoy those photos and the photos from the Las Vegas LDS Temple as well. Enjoy the Temple photos first!

I get to hear such amazing love stories and I wanted to be able to share. This is what Jennie and Brandon put together.

“In April of 2010, Jennie and Brandon met on a “singles” cruise with a big group of mutual friends. Little did we know that it was there that we would meet our future spouses. Turns out it was a much needed vacation for both of us. Gave us both a sense of release from what we were going through at home. It may appear as though it was love at first sight but in reality it was far from it. The first day we met there was somewhat of an attraction but not really any kind real interest towards the other. Later that evening at the dinner table Brandon’s best friend, who was also a good friend of Jennie’s, casually said.. “hey you guys should hook up”. And that is where it all started. From then on we both had a little interest in the other but it took some time for it to develop. Ok so for Brandon it only took one long one-on-one chat till almost 4 am to realize this girl was pretty awesome! That happened on the second night and from then on Brandon decided he was going to try and spend as much time as he could with her. We ended up going running on the top deck almost every night together and it truly was there that we started to really get to know one another. Jennie was still a little unsure because there was some other guy she was interested in and wanted to keep her options open. I know shocker huh?

Anyway it was most likely the 4th day that sealed the deal for us. A day spent walking the along beach, swimming and finally lunch at a nearby taco shop right on the beach . That day made us both realize there was a connection between us and that couldn’t be denied. The next night we ended up hooking up (kissing a little) and from then on it was on. We then spent the next couple months driving hours to spend a few hours or when we could a few days with each other. Jennie lived in Logan at the time and Brandon lived in Orem so the 2 hour drive became quite annoying. Much to Jennie’s dismay it only took us another year to make it official. We became exclusive and the from then on the rest is as they say.. history.”


I think this photograph goes down in history as the most flower girls I have ever seen in one wedding! I already counted 17!!!



Till next time, M

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