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Paying For a Professional Photography Blog is Worth It

I get asked all the time about my blog. Yes I paid money for it and here is an article about it.

Thanks, M

Many photographers today understand the importance of having a blog. However they do not understand how to properly use a blog. Or the value of having a professional blog. Blogger or Blogspot is free and it can be optimized well but for photographers it takes multiple extra steps to get the pictures bigger on the posts. There are nice templates out there for Blogger but again the picture size issue is a major draw back. Larger photos will make your work stand out and pop off the page.

The other major blogging option is WordPress. First off it is more confusing to use for beginners especially those that are used to other formats. It allows for more customization and creativity. There are basic templates that can be used or even free ones that can be downloaded and installed. But again this may be more difficult. The main plus is that the pictures are larger.

If you are not a computer expert it is worth the time and money to find a professional company that designs blogs specifically for photography professionals. There are multiple companies out there but make sure they use WordPress. You will have to pay for hosting of your own URL and then pay the design company. While paying out money may be something you want to do it will be worth it. A professional blog will give you instant credibility as a photographer and will set you apart from your competition in your local area. To prove my point look up the top photographers in your area and look at what type of blog they have. Nine times out of ten they will have a professional WordPress blog. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see who designed their blog.

Check out this blog by Mindy Bean Photography to see if you like the style. Mindy is a Las Vegas wedding photographer. If you like her blog check out ProPhoto Blogs

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  • rick - Great post, Mindy. I couldn’t agree more with your statements about the importance of having a)a blog to support a main web site, and b) having a professional looking blog.

    Since I review photoblogs for a living, I can’t tell you how many photographers take the easy route using a standard template with Not that can’t be modified to look professional, but most people either don’t have the technical know-how to pull it off or are just in a hurry to get a blog up and it shows.

    Your points are dead on. A self-hosted WordPress blog is the standard today…and by the way, your blog looks terrific!

    For photographers that are not web savvy, here’s a point to note. Search engines love fresh content. If you only have a static main photography site, you probably only update your site a few times a year. By properly maintaining a supporting blog, you can give your viewers updates on a variety of topics they will find interesting, i.e., shots from a recent shoot, what you’re doing lately, new offerings from your studio, etc.

    If you post regularly (several times a week) on your blog, search engines will visit your site frequently..increasing your blog ratings, which is linked to your site (win-win). Plus from a marketing standpoint, this is a great soft-sell strategy. People will visit to read your newest entries and remember you when they are in the market for photography services.

    Again, great article!

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